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Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips

North Bay and area drivers deal with winters that can be colder and longer than other parts of the province. This is the perfect time to share some winter driving tips from the team here at Northern Honda.

Create a survival kit for your car: booster cables, blankets, snacks like granola bars, and extra mitts.

Be sure to check weather and road conditions often – be prepared and avoid surprises.

Keep a safe distance behind snow plows. It’s never a good idea to tailgate, but that’s even more important when dealing with big, powerful machines.

Allow the time to properly clear snow and ice from your vehicle. This is not only better for you, but reduces the chance that a large slab of snow or ice will fly off of your roof, and impair the vision of a driver behind you.

Slow down, and give yourself extra travel time. If it takes you ten minutes to get from Thibeault Terrace to Lakeshore Drive in the summer, you might want to allow double that in the winter.

Always keep a full tank of gas, and plan to make refueling stops on longer trips. Of course, you won’t stop too often, because of Honda’s legendary fuel-efficient engines.

If you don’t have them already, get winter tires! All-seasons may work okay in Southern Ontario, but we’re in the North! Winter tires provide better traction, giving you better control and more braking power.

And when it comes to tires, don’t forget that Northern Honda has the Lowest Tire Price Guarantee, no matter what you drive. We can get tires for virtually any make or model in the city, and you can even order your tires online from our website.

Plus we offer an exclusive road hazard warranty on all purchases of four new tires, as well as convenient tire storage.

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