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Why Use Synthetic Oil In Your Vehicle

Why Use Synthetic Oil In Your Vehicle

You probably know Northern Honda offers the lowest synthetic oil change price guarantee in North Bay & area. That guarantee applies no matter what you drive.  So why use Synthetic Oil In your vehicle?

But did you know why we promote synthetic oils, and what the benefits are to you and your vehicle?

Basically synthetic oils give a better level of protection, and higher performance for your engine, compared to conventional oil. Your engine is kept cleaner, engine wear protection is better, and synthetic oil offers more protection for critical turbocharged parts.

Synthetic oils are also better for our harsh northern winters and our swelteringly hot (and usually too short!) summers. It flows better in colder engines and protects better in the higher temperatures of the dog days of summer.

The benefits come from the extra steps taken to make the product.

Synthetic oil is subject to many more steps before it is put into your vehicle. It is not only refined, but is distilled, purified, and brown down into basic molecules, as well. Additional special additives enhance the oil further.

Contact our service department for your next oil change, whether you drive a Honda, or any other make or model.

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