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We Gave Away a Free Honda Civic

We Gave Away a Free Honda Civic

Do you enjoy the RRROLL UP THE RIM contest with Tim Horton’s every spring? We Gave Away a Free Honda Civic!

We know a lot of people do, based on how many people walk into our showroom carrying one of those special cups, year after year.

In 2018, our dealership had fun being part of one of the grand prize giveaways of a new Honda Civic.

A couple in nearby Mattawa was lucky enough to receive the cup with the car under the rim, and a short while ago the official giveaway took place.

While the winners – Terry and Stacey Bangs – were all smiles, it was pretty special for us, too.

Northern Honda’s Dealer Principal, David Barber, had a blast seeing the joyous couple excited to receive one of 50 brand new Civics that were available to be won across Canada.

“They were such nice people, and so happy that it was infectious. Being there for the official handover of the vehicle didn’t just make my day, it made my week,” says Barber.

Pictured in the photo are the winners on the left, Terry & Stacey bangs, as well as the owners of the Tim Horton’s that sold the winning cup, Janice & Ritchie Taylor. David Barber is far right.

Good luck next year, and in the meantime stop in to check out your very own Civic!

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