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Tammy has a flair for the financial

Tammy has a flair for the financial

Financial Services Manager Tammy l'Ami says it's people that she enjoys most about her job.



"I love the people I work with at Northern Honda and I enjoy meeting our customers s they finalize their purchase or lease of their vehicle. I get to see some customers that are return buyers and see me as a friend, as well as new purchasers who are excited to be getting their first vehicle from us," she explains.


Tammy's been with Northern Honda for 15 years, and prior to that spent time in the banking industry, so she's able to take financial details that sound and look complicated and break them down so anyone can understand them.


"I make sure people have access to a financing plan that works for them, and that best suits their needs. Since we deal with most major lending institutions we can access a variety of options for a variety of client needs," l'Ami adds.


She also helps customers interested in protecting their vehicle, whether it's new or used. "We have a variety of protection and warranty packages to suit your particular needs or expectations," says Tammy.


When not assisting her clients at the dealership, Tammy enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with her family. "Two kids, two dogs, and one husband" she adds with a laugh.


Say "Hi" to Tammy next time you're at Northern Honda.

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