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Staff Profile: Nancy Scott

Staff Profile: Nancy Scott

Nancy Scott, one of our Financial Services Managers, says time flies by when you enjoy what you do.

“I can hardly believe that this year marks my 28th year at Northern Honda. I have worked with so many great people, and had the privilege of helping so many wonderful customers to get the financing to take home their Hondas,” she explains.

While her job involves a LOT of numbers, Nancy says it’s really about giving great customer service to the people she’s sitting across from.

“The customers are what matter most – they’re who we’re here for.”

She says she discovered her passion for working with people early in her career. “I managed CG’s Fitness Club for 5 years and waitressed at North Bay’s original fine dining restaurant Churchill’s in the 1980s. They both gave me transferable skills that I use every day at Northern Honda, helping people find the financing solutions that work best for them to get their new Hondas or their used vehicles.”

Nancy has won numerous awards over the years, for being a top performer compared to colleagues at Honda dealerships across Ontario, as well as across Canada. She says she takes the time to be sure she’s offering the right products and services to the right people.

“For example, if I’m talking to a customer about a warranty, I want to find out what they plan to do with their vehicle. Do they plan to keep it a long, long time? This helps me to help them get the cost-effective coverage that best suits their individual needs. If you plan to have the vehicle for 10 years or more – and Hondas have great quality so they do last a long time – then you’ll want to consider the rust protection we offer.”

As much as she enjoys her job, though Nancy stresses that “it’s not all work and no play for me. My friends will know that I love to have fun, I love to travel, and I LOVE to shop,” she says laughing.

Check back for future blogs to meet other members of the Northern Honda team.

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