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It's time to introduce you to another member of the Northern Honda team, and this time it's Chris Moffat.



Chris is an automotive technician and has been with the dealership since 2002.


"Working with cars has appealed to me, even in high school. I started by getting into an entry-level job changing tires and doing oil changes in Brampton, Ontario."


It wasn't only cars that appealed to him though. "I was into architectural design as well. I really liked art and sketching. But ultimately my passion was for vehicles."


He explains his moving to North Bay was the result of a friendship. "I had a friend here, and would come up to visit and just hang out. I really grew to like North Bay and the lifestyle here. Then I met my wife, Brenda, who is from Haliburton," Chris adds.


His favourite part of the job is the challenge. "I really enjoy figuring things out and fixing them."


When not keeping vehicles running smoothly, he says his downtime still involves cars. "A couple of times a year, in the spring and fall, I like to go to Cayuga Motor Speedway, west of Hamilton, for car racing. It's a really good time and for me, it's stress relief," he says.


Check back for future blogs to meet other members of the Northern Honda team.

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