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Meet Parts Manager Pascal

Meet Parts Manager Pascal

Pascal Robitaille has been a valued part of the Northern Honda Team for 7 years, and oversees the parts department at the dealership.



Pascal explains that he provides his best service to both the public (vehicle owners) as well as people inside the dealership (technicians) who require parts to service vehicles.


"One thing we understand here at Northern Honda is the desire to get under the hood of a new Honda and tinker around. Be it repair, replacement, or customization, we know a lot of people like to get their hands greasy in a Civic or CRV, so why would we expect any less from a fellow Honda lover," asks Pascal.


He offers one piece of advice before you get in there, adding "get your parts at a knowledgeable Honda dealer. The parts are made PRECISELY for your specific vehicle right down to the millimeter."


Still, he reminds that you can always have the pros at the dealership take care of installing anything you need.


"Our Service Department is more than happy to install the parts you buy. Maybe you don’t have a specific tool you need, or you are just worried that it might be a complicated installation process. No matter the reason, feel free to leverage the skills and knowledge that our Service Department has", he explains.


Pascal says he likes to keep busy at work and on his personal time. "I enjoy the fast-paced environment here, and how no day is exactly the same. In my downtime I enjoy watching movies, hanging out with my dog and cat, playing board games, and I'm currently renovating my home so that always keeps me hopping!"


Say "Hi" to Pascal next time you're at the dealership.

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