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Meet Our Service Advisors: Aaron and Derek

Meet Our Service Advisors: Aaron and Derek

We occasionally like to introduce you to newer members of our team, and this time it's in our Service Department.

Meet two of our Service Advisors, Aaron Gagne and Derek Buffet.

Aaron Gagne

Aaron joined our team in May 2018 and says the best part of his job is the people he meets.

"I enjoy interactions with pleasant people and being able to take care of their automotive needs, to keep them completely satisfied with the service visit and their vehicle. Working with a great team at Northern Honda every day is a bonus," he explains.

Aaron brings tremendous experience to the role of Service Advisor, adding "I covered every course that was available to me in my high school years, and some outside courses as well.

I finished my apprenticeship and obtained my class "A" technician license a long, long time ago and have been a service advisor for 25 years."


Derek has a true passion for all things Honda-related, and it's a bit of a family tradition. "My brother's first car was a Civic that lasted to 310,000 kilometers, and mine was an Accord that lasted to 375,000 kilometers. I learned to back up a trailer with my father's Ridgeline," he says.

Derek joined us in early 2019, has five years of industry-related experience and says he's learned the importance of good communication in his role at Northern Honda.

"I aim to make the process of servicing one's vehicle as positive and educational as possible. A lot of the time the customer is unaware of the benefits of the preventative services we provide and that we stand by. That's where I really enjoy breaking down exactly what we are doing to the vehicle, and why," he adds, explaining that a well-informed customer is a satisfied customer.

When not striving to exceed your expectations in the service department both men like to keep busy.

Derek says music is a passion for him, saying "I play drums in an alternative rock band so my weekends and weeknights are pretty booked up with practices and shows, and recording sessions in North Bay and surrounding areas."

Aaron explains that he fills his time with the great outdoors and family. "I enjoy hiking, canoeing, a little bird watching, anything outdoors. I am an avid snowshoer, I keep about 7 kilometers of family trails open all winter. All of our children are adults now, so I always look forward to when we can get together, and now with our grandchild as well. The times sitting at the lake in the gazebo are most special!"

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