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May Is Car Care Month

May Is Car Care Month

Our harsh Canadian winters can take a toll on our vehicles, so it’s very fitting that May is known as “Car Care Month”, giving drivers a reminder to think about proper seasonal care.
Here are some general tips to get you ready for the warm weather, and to give your vehicle the care it needs after another tough winter.

Wiper blades – these can suffer lots of wear and tear in the winter months, sliding over ice on frozen windshields, but to keep visibility in those spring or summer rainfalls, you’ll want to check for cracks or tears. Visibility is paramount when driving, and wiper blades are an important part of that.

Tires – there are benefits to using winter tires, as opposed to all-season tires, in our Northern Ontario winters. But don’t leave your winter ones on too long, because they’re not made for warmer temperatures. In fact, you’ll shorten their lifespan. And of course, be sure your summer ties are checked thoroughly before putting them on your vehicle so you can drive with peace of mind.

Check your A/C system – avoid being forced to drive in a sweltering car in our warm, humid summer months. Have your entire air conditioning system checked and do any preventative maintenance now, long before your A/C is working its hardest.

Suspension & alignment – no matter how great of a driver you are, there’s only so many potholes you can avoid. Consider having this checked after all the bumps that winter brings.

Brakes – Harsh winter weather and road salt can take a toll on your brakes. Lubricants can be washed away, and you can also suffer from heavy corrosion build-up. Spring is a great time for a full inspection.

Northern Honda’s service department is ready to help you with your seasonal car care. And don’t forget we have some exclusive offers, that you can enjoy no matter what you drive. That’s right, we can take of you no matter what make or model you drive. You can enjoy exclusive offers like our lowest synthetic oil-change price guarantee, and our lowest tire price guarantee. And, new Honda purchases get free brake pads for life.

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