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How To Transport A Christmas Tree

How To Transport A Christmas Tree

Everyone here at Northern Ho-Ho-Honda is in a merry mood, as the magical Christmas Season is upon us.



One of our sales professionals has some great tips that may help you to transport your tree safely and easily, without damaging your beautiful Honda.


When tying the tree to a roof, consider using a tarp or blanket to go between the roof of your vehicle and the tree. You don’t need scratches on your baby, any more than you want a lump of coal in your stocking.


Which end is which? Well, we’re told that the trunk of the tree should actually be facing front, although most people do it the other way. While we’re not tree experts, apparently this is actually better for aerodynamics.


Extra and Extra. Bring extra rope, and allow extra time to travel home with your greenery.


Clean up afterward! if your vehicle gets a little dirtied up when tree-traveling, remember that the Service Department at Northern Honda has a team of detailing professionals that can get your car, truck or van looking sparkling and shiny just like Rudolph’s nose. Our detailers can handle everything from hand washing and drying to shampooing the engine, doing the vinyl detailing and finishing with a complete interior vacuuming.

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